Hi, I am Andries Filmer

I am specialized in web applications since 1996.

Take a look at my skills

I use open standards and open source software

Among others I have the following skills


A acronym for the latest generation web applications, build with MongoDB, Express, AngularJS en Node.js.

Ruby on Rails

Often RoR or simply Rails, is a modern web application framework with the Model-View-Controller model.


A acronym for Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP which are used together to create dynamic websites.

This is my work in the recent years.

The organizations below I have been given technical director leadership



Inzetrooster is a dutch service where people can choose when they are deployed.



Linuxcomputers was a webstore for computers with the open source OS Ubuntu.

Netexpo Internet


Netexpo Internet I started in 1996 and has grown in 12 years to 30 full-time employees.

Let me build a web application for you.

Mail or call +31 654 621 734.

Brederodestraat 132, 2042 BK, Zandvoort

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